Doing the Essential to Feed the Front-Line

We at Raimondo’s are committed to our community and recognize how much we benefit from those who are always there. Inspired by a special customer, Raimondo’s now offers you an opportunity to show appreciation for those who remain on duty for our well being. If you would like to purchase a gift card for the vigilant, Raimondo’s Pizza & Pub will participate by:
1) Matching 20% of every purchase and adding that amount to your gift, for example:
    a. $50 turns into $60

    b. $100 turns into $120

2) Delivering your gift to the recipient(s) while practicing social distanting. Including a note of gratitude in your name. If you choose to omit your name, we will honor your request. Each gift card purchaser will receive a return email with proof of delivery.

Here are just of few examples of people who are on the front Line:
         A) Local fire and police departments
         B) Medical clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, and ambulatory staff
         C) Grocery clerks and/or stockers who work overnight
         D) Sanitation districts and collectors
         E) Mail carriers and postal workers
         F) Delivery drivers
         G) Core crews who working to cover office and customer needs
         H) Small business owners
         I) Families in need (we are here to help those most affected)
For delivery of gift cards, we cover all of Batavia, North Aurora, Sugar Grove, and cover much of Aurora and Geneva. If unsure, please ask if your gift card destination is within our delivery range!

Donation Instructions: Inside the comment box,  please notate where you would like the gift card delivered, including if it belongs to multiple shifts and departments. Gifting can be divided into multiple cards.

Thank you so much!



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