Pizza of the Month: The REUBEN!

In place of Raimondo's red sauce, you get to CHOOSE either sweet and tangy 1000 Island dressing or a spicy horseradish Dijon to base your pie.  It is then chocked full of corned beef, Swiss cheese and tangy sour kraut!  Oh, Heaven has arrived!
A fine Belgian tripel such as Val- Dieu is a great choice with its spicy-fruit esters that will definitely complement this pizza!  For a little lighter experience, consider Troubadour Blond from Belgium or Matilda from Goose Island.  Duvel Tripel Hop if you like just a bit of hops without going overboard!

If you prefer wine, consider Peirano Chardonnay or our brand new offering of Maryhill Pinot Gris for a complex experience pears and light citrus to match this incredible pizza!
Hand Crafted Pizza Pies, Sauces, and Sandwiches Made to Order
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